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OKO is the only player offering a full end-to-end solution from product design to last-mile distribution.

Insurance product design

In recent years, we’ve developed, launched, and refined several crop-specific insurance products tailored to various countries.
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Our offered insurance

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If your geography or crop of interest is not listed, then please contact us via this form to start designing the product that you need.
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Proprietary Actuarial 

We specialize in crafting tailored products to meet your precise requirements, whether it’s for a specific location, crop, or risk coverage. With our expert actuarial team and dedicated software, we can design custom-made products efficiently, delivering results in record time.

Remote Satellite
Weather Monitoring

We partner with leading weather data suppliers renowned for their accuracy and reliability. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we continuously monitor weather patterns in real-time, allowing us to swiftly identify adverse conditions and automatically validate claims.

Distribution tools

We’ve developed a comprehensive suite of tools specifically designed to streamline distribution processes, even under the most challenging conditions.
This includes a web-app to manage policies in real time and communicate with customers (SMS, Whatsapp, voice messages), a mobile app that can be used offline when agents are on the field, a call centre tool to answer customer queries efficiently and APIs to integrate into your existing solutions
Mobile payment
We seamlessly integrate mobile payment options with leading mobile operators such as Orange, MTN, and Airtel, as well as mobile wallet operators like Wave. This integration enables us to collect premiums and process claims efficiently, even among unbanked farmers, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all.
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