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Welcome to OKO Finance, the leading insurance company dedicated to providing crop-specific insurance products to farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our mission is to support farmers, financial institutions, NGOs and agro-industries in securing agricultural supply chains and improving livelihoods in spite of the unpredictable nature of agriculture.
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The perpetual cycle of financial instability

Farmers’ income often depends on weather and other uncontrollable conditions, introducing a significant challenge to financial stability, which impacts the livelihoods of those who play a vital role in feeding communities.
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By using digital finance solutions and new mobile technologies we bring affordable insurance directly to farmers who need it.

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Product Design

We partner with advanced weather providers to create crop-specific products tailored to geographic regions. These offerings are brought to market through collaborations with insurers and reinsurers.
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OKO’s proprietary distribution tools include mobile apps, web apps, APIs and integration to mobile payment all designed for frontier markets. This ensures that insurance can be distributed to the last mile.
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Policy Management

Use OKO’s platform to manage your policy, keep the insured farmers up to date and automize claim validation and payment.
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Meet The Team

OKO combines world-class expertise and local understanding of the market. Explore the team behind our mission and connect with us.
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Impact in Action

How Our Innovations Transform Communities

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“Thanks to our partnership with OKO, we have made agriculture insurance more accessible for women in Mali, and more tailored to their needs. OKO’s technical expertise and ability to meet targets, together with their engagement in piloting and adopting gender-transformative approaches, has been instrumental to achieve this ambitious goal.”
Lorenzo Rovelli, Innovation Project Coordinator for UN Women
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